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March 16, 2022

Crypto Mart ATM

This company installs Bitcoin ATMs at gas stations and other various locations. They had a website built by a previous team but weren’t satisfied with the look and functionality; that’s when they reached out to us. They wanted to build a site that not only promoted their services but also educated visitors on the crypto market as well as how t use their ATM machines. When we began this project, the website designed by the previous team was rudimentary. We made the changes requested and provided the client with a website that was fully functional and accessible by a wide variety of visitors. The client was happy with the end product and hired us on a continuous basis to help with SEO and Social Media marketing efforts.


Make functional edits on website to get the website to function and look as desired

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    Web Design, Web Development, SEO

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    Web Design

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    Crypto Mart ATM

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