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Branding Case Study Web Development

CB Stone and Tile

Pand’or Marketing recently partnered with CB Stone and Tile, a family-owned and veteran-owned business in Central Florida, to help them create a digital presence that reflected their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The project involved designing a new website, developing a unique brand identity, and implementing an in-depth SEO strategy that showcased CB Stone and Tile’s expertise and dedication to exceptional service. The results were impressive, with increased traffic, higher user engagement, and improved search engine rankings, ultimately driving business growth for CB Stone and Tile.


While working on the CB Stone and Tile project, one of the significant challenges we faced was thoroughly understanding their unique audience. The company's clientele was primarily homeowners looking for high-quality flooring solutions, a demographic that values both aesthetics and durability.

  • Strategy

    Branding, Website Design, SEO Strategy

  • Design

    Website Design, Logo Design, Branding

  • Client

    CB Stone and Tiles


CB Stone and Tile is a family-owned, veteran-owned business in Central Florida that provides premier tiling and flooring services. Pand’or Marketing had the privilege of partnering with them to create a digital presence that echoed their commitment to quality and craftsmanship and to help them reach more potential customers.


The project aimed to design a new website, develop a distinctive brand identity, and implement an in-depth SEO strategy that showcased CB Stone and Tile’s expertise and dedication to exceptional service. Pand’or Marketing’s goal was to help CB Stone and Tile stand out in their crowded market and drive business growth.


The website design process focused on visual appeal and user experience, with a clean layout, high-quality images of their work, and easy navigation. Pand’or Marketing developed their branding by understanding their values and translating them into a unique logo and color scheme that resonated with their target audience. The SEO strategy was built on extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure maximum visibility and reach.


Upon launching the new website and branding, CB Stone and Tile saw significant improvements in various areas, including:

1. Increased Traffic: The new website attracted 45% more traffic than the previous one, with more than 2,000 visitors in the first month alone.
2. Higher User Engagement: The new website’s user engagement metrics showed a 35% increase in the average session duration, indicating that visitors were spending more time exploring the website.
3. Improved Search Engine Rankings: The SEO strategy helped CB Stone and Tile rank higher for relevant keywords, resulting in a 50% increase in organic search traffic.


The successful integration of the SEO strategy has made CB Stone and Tile more visible to potential customers, effectively driving business growth. Pand’or Marketing continues to monitor and optimize the website’s performance to ensure the best possible results.


Our collaboration with CB Stone and Tile exemplifies Pand’or Marketing’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. By leveraging our expertise in web design, branding, and SEO, we were able to help CB Stone and Tile achieve their digital transformation goals and stand out in their industry.

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